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  • Project-Serenity

    It was a past concern that most DLC would be exclusive to home consoles; but it's now safe to say that most (if not all) the DLC for Resident Evil: Revelations is also available on Steam.

    DLC Currently Available For Purchase

    Character DLC

    • Ooze Rachael - $2.99
    • Lady Hunk - $2.99

    Handgun DLC

    • Jill's Samurai Edge "S.T.A.R.S" Handgun - $0.99
    • Jessica's G18 "BSAA" Handgun - $0.99
    • Parker's Government "FBC" Handgun - $0.99

    Guns & Custom Parts DLC

    • "Enhancement Set" - $1.99
    • "Resistance Set" - $1.99


    Handgun DLC

    The handguns are all level 1 but include valuable custom parts. Also, whether or not you buy this DLC, all these handguns will be available in the shop in Raid Mode and the level of potency varies.

    (Personally, I recommend that it's best to go ahead and b…

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  • Project-Serenity

    • Source: Capcom-Unity

    Capcom has announced a new character that's playable in Raid Mode.

    This new character is called Lady Hunk (Redi-hanku); a female character that sports the top half of Hunk's suit. It has also been said that she possesses a high magnum reloading speed.

    Both Lady Hunk and Ooze Rachael will be available for purchase on June 11th.

    -Note: Since Lady Hunk is a character in Revelations, I will create a page for her.

    Capcom has also announced that there will be two weapon packs-Resistance Set & Enhancement Set-that contain six custom parts each.

    Both DLC packs will be available on June 4th.

    Today, the site is down for maintenance and will be back up and running tomorrow.

    I believe this is due in part that they are renovating the Rev…

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  • Project-Serenity
    • Source: Steam

    Steam has enabled Steam Purchase Rewards, which, if enough people pre-order the game, will unlock three select bonuses that come with purchasing Revelations.

    • Reward #1: Artbook & Soundtrack (13 tracks) {Currently Unlocked!}
    • Reward #2: FREE bonus game - Lost Planet: Extreme Condtions
    • Reward #3: Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass

    I believe the Season Pass will allow buyers to access any bonus DLC FREE if they pre-order the game, as opposed to buying the game later and having to buy the DLC separately. Also, the Soundtrack only contains thirteen tracks from the game; the previously released soundtrack contained thirty-which makes me wonder if these are just a few select favorites or if they're the remixed tracks. (I know that Capcom i…

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  • Project-Serenity

    Present Codes

    March 28, 2013 by Project-Serenity

    I've mentioned before that has made more bonus content available on their site; the present codes.

    I do know that Capcom-Unity tries to keep track of the latest codes that are released by Capcom in magazine adverts or interviews, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep a list here as well.

    It's been said that each code has an expiration date (though, a date isn't shown with the code), so I don't know if these will be useful for very long-but every little bit helps, right?

    Many thanks to ParallelTraveler and Riley Heligo for providing them!

    When more codes are discovered, they'll be posted here.

    • abyss = M92F - Lv.1
    • globster = PC356 - Lv.1
    • ghiozzo = Shotgun Windham - Lv.1
    • keith = G36 "Speed Shot" - Lv.5
    • queen = P-90 "Short Range+" - Lv.5
    • scagdead

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  • Project-Serenity
    • Source: IGN via Youtube

    I just found video footage, taken from PAX EAST, of Rachael in Raid Mode.

    Here are some things I noticed:

    • Jill and Chris both have two extra costume slots; so they must be getting NEW costumes for the port. Parker still has the three default slots (Probably his Beach, Wetsuit and FBC outfits); and HUNK and Rachael only have their default outfits.
    • When Rachael is high lighted, there's a full name; but it's difficult to read. It's either Rachael Foley or Rachael Faley. But it appears that she DOES have a full name! (At one time, it was rumored to be Rachael Hen, for some reason.)
    • Rachael-Magnum Mastery = Magnum Reload Speed +50%, Magnum Firing Rate +25%.
    • There are going to be medals (they feature an anchor design) in Raid Mo…
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