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Damnation Will Be Released In September!

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damnation cover art

It seems that the set release date for October has changed...

it's now set for September 25th!

Check out this website for more info:

Pre-orders are available for the regular and Blu-Ray versions of the movie on Amazon. Also, along with purchasing the movie (regular or Blu-Ray), an UltraViolent Digital Copy will be included.

The regular version is $18.89 and the Blu-Ray version is $21.61.

DVD Features:

-2 Featurettes: "Las Plagas: Organisms Of War" and "The DNA Of Damnation"

-Gag Reel (I'm assuming that this might be similar to the gag reel in Degeneration)

-Concept Art Gallery (Blu-Ray Exclusive)

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