Handgun DLC

It was previously announced that Japan would be giving buyers a special handgun DLC; which features three newly designed handguns for Jill Valentine, Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat. Now, GameStop has revealed that it will be offerering the exact same DLC as a pre-order bonus on its website. It has also been stated that these particular handguns are a little more powerful than in the 3DS version.

  • M92F (Jill's Model): Increased firepower.
  • Government (Parker's Model): Increased firepower, but doesn't hold as much ammo. (This model originally fired only seven bullets; so I'm not sure if this means that the capacity for the clip has decreased)
  • PC 356 (Jessica's Model): Increased ammo capacity and accuracy.

The guns are available for both Campaign and Raid Mode.

However, it appears that this DLC, for now, is only available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Bonus Content has recently launched some new bonus content for its Revelations section.

The site states that there are special codes that are hidden in magazines, adverts, stores and once entered online they will unlock items that can be used in-game. They're called Present Codes.

Once I accessed the Present Codes page, there was already a sample code displayed there-abyss; which unlocked a level 4 M92F handgun. This gun will probably be sent to me in-game once the game is launched.

I think this is how they're trying to replace the Streetpass function now that the game has been ported to consoles. With Streepass, players were able to get certain guns, custom parts or spare bullets in Campaign and Raid Mode after completing missions in Raid Mode. I remember that they mentioned something about trying to use something akin to Streetpass before.

I think this is pretty crafty of them. Screenshots

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