Steam Pre-order Bonus

Steam has enabled Steam Purchase Rewards, which, if enough people pre-order the game, will unlock three select bonuses that come with purchasing Revelations.

  • Reward #1: Artbook & Soundtrack (13 tracks) {Currently Unlocked!}
  • Reward #2: FREE bonus game - Lost Planet: Extreme Condtions
  • Reward #3: Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass

I believe the Season Pass will allow buyers to access any bonus DLC FREE if they pre-order the game, as opposed to buying the game later and having to buy the DLC separately. Also, the Soundtrack only contains thirteen tracks from the game; the previously released soundtrack contained thirty-which makes me wonder if these are just a few select favorites or if they're the remixed tracks. (I know that Capcom is re-printing the soundtrack, which is to be sold with a wallet exclusively in Japan; but I'm not sure just how many tracks it has this time around. Supposedly, it's a remixed edition)

Also, the description on Steam reveals that the game will be dubbed/subbed in even more languages on top of English, Japanese, Italian and French: German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil.

Amazon Pre-order Bonus

Amazon is offering bonus DLC for the pre-order of Revelations; the pre-order being Rachael's Ooze form, which is playable in Raid Mode.

The DLC is exclusively for the Xbox and PS3.

Capcom Store Pre-order Bonus

The Capcom Store has finally announced its pre-order bonus for the purchase of Revelations. They're offering the Handgun DLC, the same one as the one that's offered by GameStop. This DLC is exclusively for the Xbox and PS3.

However, there's still an unannounced bonus for the WiiU and there's supposedly another bonus to be announced.

With all the various bonus content going to consoles and PC, I now wonder just what could be in store for WiiU users.

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