Not sure if anyone has posted a blog about the NEW RE: Damnation trailer (yes, a NEW trailer-finally!), so I thought that it would be better safe than sorry if I went ahead and shared the video with you all~

Be forewarned, there's quite a few BIG hints in the upcoming CG movie!

  • Trailer Spoilers!!

So, Leon will have his own...swat team in an outbreak? Also, apparently Russia and the US team up to end a civil war somewhere in Europe-I doubt it's Edonia though, since that's the setting for RE6 and this IS a prequel leading up to the events of the game.

Ada works for the BSAA? She says "I was sent here by the BSAA..." so could that mean that she does work for the BSAA, she's a spy that infiltrated the BSAA or is something else going on? (Ada, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!!)

Who is that one guy?? In the first teaser trailer there was a man's silhouette and it was assumed that it was Chris Redfield, still on the fence about that, but now he has shown his face and it's assumed by fans that he may very well be Ark Thompson from RE Survivor (Gun Survivor, whatever you prefer to call it).

  • End Of Trailer Spoilers

At the end of the trailer it's said that the movie will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray, so I suppose it's a direct-to-video project? Not that I'm complaining, that just means that I don't have to beat a crowd to the theaters!

What are your thoughts on Damnation? Will you watch it??

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