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I've mentioned before that has made more bonus content available on their site; the present codes.

I do know that Capcom-Unity tries to keep track of the latest codes that are released by Capcom in magazine adverts or interviews, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep a list here as well.

It's been said that each code has an expiration date (though, a date isn't shown with the code), so I don't know if these will be useful for very long-but every little bit helps, right?

Many thanks to ParallelTraveler and Riley Heligo for providing them!

When more codes are discovered, they'll be posted here.

Present CodesEdit

  • abyss = M92F - Lv.1
  • globster = PC356 - Lv.1
  • ghiozzo = Shotgun Windham - Lv.1
  • keith = G36 "Speed Shot" - Lv.5
  • queen = P-90 "Short Range+" - Lv.5
  • scagdead = Magnum Python "Short Range+" - Lv.3
  • lansdale = L. Hawk - Lv.1
  • farfarello = P-90 - Lv.1
  • mayday = Magnum L. Hawk "Short Range" - Lv.5
  • bioterrorism = Pale Rider - Lv.3
  • raymond = Drake - Lv.3
  • originaleleven = Muramasa - Lv.3

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