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The most recent cover for Vol.1 "The Umbrella Conspiracy".

The Resident Evil books, written by S.D. Perry, have been re-released on Amazon with new covers and are also now made available for the Kindle.

Here are the following titles that have been released this past year, "Zero Hour" being the most recent:

  • Vol.1 The Umbrella Conspiracy - Sept. 18th 2012
  • Vol.2 Caliban Cove - Sept. 18th 2012
  • Vol.3 City of the Dead - Sept. 18th 2012
  • Vol.4 Underworld - Oct. 23rd 2012
  • Vol.5 Nemesis - Nov. 20th 2012
  • Vol.6 Code Veronica - Dec. 18th 2012
  • Vol.7 Zero Hour - Jan. 22nd 2013

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