Resident Evil Revelations- Rachel's Campaign (off-screen) - PAX East 201309:42

Resident Evil Revelations- Rachel's Campaign (off-screen) - PAX East 2013

I just found video footage, taken from PAX EAST, of Rachael in Raid Mode.

Here are some things I noticed:

  • Jill and Chris both have two extra costume slots; so they must be getting NEW costumes for the port. Parker still has the three default slots (Probably his Beach, Wetsuit and FBC outfits); and HUNK and Rachael only have their default outfits.
  • When Rachael is high lighted, there's a full name; but it's difficult to read. It's either Rachael Foley or Rachael Faley. But it appears that she DOES have a full name! (At one time, it was rumored to be Rachael Hen, for some reason.)
  • Rachael-Magnum Mastery = Magnum Reload Speed +50%, Magnum Firing Rate +25%.
  • There are going to be medals (they feature an anchor design) in Raid Mode that will earn bonus BP. The one that Rachael shoots is roughly 450BP; found under a desk.
  • Rachael, just like Jill and Raymond, has a high kick as a melee attack.
  • Just like in previous footage, players WILL be able to decide whether to keep or sell guns or custom parts.

And on a personal note, it appears that Rachael now has a more bubbly personality-judging from her beginning and ending commentary-"Rachael, on the scene!" and "That was great!". However, her voice seems a bit different to me, I wonder if they changed her voice actress for the port.

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