New weapons dlc

Weapon DLC for Jill, Parker and Jessica.

It has been announced that the Japanese version of the Unveiled Edition is going to have DLC that equips players with three special handguns for both Campaign and Raid Mode.

The handguns are the same as the characters' original handguns from the 3DS version but sport a more sylish look. It's unknown if they're any stronger than their original incarnation.

  • Samurai Edge "Jill Model" - M92F Handgun with S.T.A.R.S parts.
  • Government "Parker Model"- Handgun Government, featuring an anchor decoration.
  • G18 "Jessica Model"- A G18 Handgun featuring the FBC emblem. (Odd for her to keep an FBC issued gun)

There may possibly be more weapons available, but this is the special DLC for early buyers of the game. It's also been said that this will be a paid DLC for consoles/PC at a later date; which implies that people outside of Japan may be able to purchase this DLC.

Furthermore, it's been reported that there will be more than 10 characters in Raid Mode!

It's practically been screamed that HUNK is definitely going to be playable, but I'm now starting to think that Rachael may be made available as well.

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