Revelations DLC (Steam)

It was a past concern that most DLC would be exclusive to home consoles; but it's now safe to say that most (if not all) the DLC for Resident Evil: Revelations is also available on Steam.

DLC Currently Available For Purchase

Character DLC

  • Ooze Rachael - $2.99
  • Lady Hunk - $2.99

Handgun DLC

  • Jill's Samurai Edge "S.T.A.R.S" Handgun - $0.99
  • Jessica's G18 "BSAA" Handgun - $0.99
  • Parker's Government "FBC" Handgun - $0.99

Guns & Custom Parts DLC

  • "Enhancement Set" - $1.99
  • "Resistance Set" - $1.99


Handgun DLC

The handguns are all level 1 but include valuable custom parts. Also, whether or not you buy this DLC, all these handguns will be available in the shop in Raid Mode and the level of potency varies.

(Personally, I recommend that it's best to go ahead and buy the DLC; take the custom parts and sell the guns for bonus BP.)

Custom Part Sets

In these DLC packs, there are various types of guns (all level 1) and custom parts. The custom parts are already equipped to the guns to make them more powerful and useful in gameplay. The custom parts include ones such as Long Magazine 10 (full ammo clip) and Ammo Magnet, to name a few.

(This DLC is really only helpful to beginners; but the custom parts are worth the purchase.)

Issues In Raid Mode

Connection Error

There have been reports from players that they are unable to connect to certain sessions; this is brought on due to one player having downloaded the catalog data/buying DLC - therefore, their data is different from theirs and are unable to connect. For the most part, players will only need to download the catalog data (which is free) in order to display the other players content (DLC characters/custom parts) during gameplay. However, this still seems to be a bit of an issue with PS3 players, even when downloading catalog data.

Ooze Glitch

Once in awhile, it is possible for an Ooze (a Tricorne, in particular) to fall into the Solarium's pool after being shot at. The only possible option is to toss grenades into the pool in the hopes of killing it. (I don't know if leaving it in there affects your overall score)

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