• Rafe Weisz


    December 6, 2009 by Rafe Weisz

    oh, a little more imagination Capcom! Starting with Ashley, the new characters are increasingly shallow and annoying
    Ashley? O, yes, their constant screaming makes many players want to shoot her.
    Angela? please! was not Catwoman a more appropriate name?
    Manuela? Better not say anything! What was she doing?
    1) Her skin is too dark for her to have green eyes.
    2) Never had anything better to do than get to sing? She ever went to school? Never went out with friends? She has friends?
    3) Fainting for no reason... her parents never took her to see a doctor? A sorcerer, a shaman?
    4a) Why is she singing in front of a monster without fear, but faints at the sight of two men with guns? She has an emotional problem?
    4b) I know the monster is her mother, but.…

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