IGN's got some new ORC videos. They're not very long; all of them are about a minute in length; but they do seem to show a new section of the campaign; it looks to be the hospital and the Clock Tower. Nicholai's apparently got a "side project" he's working on (whether it's collecting combat data or he's working for somebody else isn't clear). So zombies and lickers. It appears that Nicholai actually went around and set explosives on a bunch of zombies, as they explode when killed.

EDIT: And here's the first ten minutes of the first level. To summarize: HUNK takes the Wolfpackto go to Birkin's lab, which is being guarded by UBCS; HUNK mentions they're considered expendable, so gunfight. They get to Birkin's lab, and HUNK and a Redshirt go to confront him; from the sound of it, Birkin's being voiced by TJ Rotolo again. Then, Spec Ops show up and start shooting up the place, causing you to have to fight through them. You link back up with HUNK, and the video ends with him contacting Goblin 6 at the Elevator.

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