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    It's been a long time since I have vistied this Wikia and it has changed alot since my last visit. Grew more complicated I must say.

    Here's my reason for returning back:


    Resident Evil 6 already out in poland.

    Fact number one: todat is 31'th of August. Fact number two: RE6 release date is on second of October.

    Fact number three: someone broke the space time continuum and set RE6 on sales today and it's not a joke!.

    In one of Poznan's (a city in Poland) we managed to buy something, which was supposed to be an authentic RE6 with polish subtitles. You can belive or not belive in UFO but we took our chances and decided to buy it. To our suprise... the game actually …

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  • RebornX

    Shaky-cam gameplay of a ORC level where Wolfpack fights G-Birkin. There's a scene where Vector and other pwn some Crimson Heads in melee. Crimon Head appearence confirmation.

    Shaky-cam gamplay of a new mode where you play as a Spec Ops operative trying to gather G-Virus samples along the infested streets of Raccoon City and bring them to the base. Might play out simillar to Merceneries mode and could be playable MP. Note how the operative has the same anims as a Wolfpack member.

    Long arm is loooong.

    New shoes

    Ada Wong's new shoes started a huge discussion over the Resident Evil 4/5 modd…

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  • RebornX

    I noticed this little fact about Wolfpack time ago and I finally decided to write about it.

    Anyone noticed the interesting "difference" in gender in the Wolfpack unit?. I mean how the female and male members are presented. For more understandable read I will present this via each member information.

    He is essentially a psychopath totally obessed with anything that explodes. Sees no remorse for killing others for the sake of satisifing his "lust" of explosions. Was kicked out of the army for this. Not a very skilled nor experienced soldier but he'll blow everything up regardless who will the explosion kill.

    Probably the most skilled fighter of all in the team. Was trained by HUNK and very much mimics his appearence and behaviour. Nearly silent…

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  • RebornX


    December 21, 2011 by RebornX

    I'm just wondering how Brian Irons is not even mentioned in the Wikia to appear in ORC even though the whole clue 7 of the ARG tells about his appearence in the game.

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    December 15, 2011 by RebornX

    I took my time to analyze the latest trailer and news about Operation Raccoon City.

    Honestly, the more they reveal about the game, the more I am starting to dislike it.

    Anyways here some info I managed to translate and dig-up from the CAPCOM Japanese ORC website.

    "Lone Wolf" is said to belong to the same USS squad as HUNK does. His survival rate and skills are pretty much simillar making him a lame HUNK red-coloured copy which can fly choppers. No-one knows why his real name is hidden much like HUNK.

    HUNK is said to be in constant rivality with UBCS and especially Ginovaef.

    It is said that Nicholai Ginovaef was already a sneaky back-stabber way before he joined the UBCS. It also says he was in Spetsnaz undertaking various covert operations. So …

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