Shaky-cam gameplay of a ORC level where Wolfpack fights G-Birkin. There's a scene where Vector and other pwn some Crimson Heads in melee. Crimon Head appearence confirmation.

Shaky-cam gamplay of a new mode where you play as a Spec Ops operative trying to gather G-Virus samples along the infested streets of Raccoon City and bring them to the base. Might play out simillar to Merceneries mode and could be playable MP. Note how the operative has the same anims as a Wolfpack member.

Long arm is loooong.

New shoes

Ada Wong's new shoes started a huge discussion over the Resident Evil 4/5 modding forum. They say that they look like they were found in a garbage bin. Wong needs her "old" red heels back according to most of the people there. I think it's just a placeholder.

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