It's my first blog post here. If anyone wonders, I'm the "A Wikia contributor" on the clue dicussion blog. The one who speculated Birkin's appearence in the last clue. Some people are following my blog? Whoa, I never thought I would become popular here.

Ian Sider recently posted this image on his Twitter along with "Is this a vision of the future?" caption for it. My guess this will be the boxart for the game.

Note the slight difference in Beltway's gasmask helmet in this image and the Vector carring an VP70. Spectre's G3A3 is un-scoped and he appear to have an radio backpack. The zombie is probably a random RPD officer.


As most of you here already probably know about the recent screenshot & video influx.

USS, UBCS & Nicholai DON'T even look simillar then to those version we've all seen in previous RE's.

NOTE those guys with MP5's and covered faces with HUNK looking like he's going to attack them. They are UBCS mercs. A very interesting fact considering how both USS & UBCS are on the same side. Why would he fight them? That's a very good question. Also, I personally find their remade outfits to be crappy. I liked the plain green ones with huge logo on the back. But atleast they look like decent soldiers not some cheap airsoft cosplayers.


After watching the very good trailer I've noticed some things. It further explains the role of USS and UBCS in RC.

However, few things cought my attention. At around 1:10 Vector uses his optic camoflauge to disguise himself as an UBCS merc with a boonie hat to slit another googled UBCS merc's throat. This confirms the WOLFPACK will appreantly fight them. Perhaps they are a splinter faction created by Nicholai? Have they gone mad due the situation? Or perhaps they have devoloped some "rightousness" and want to unveil what has Umbrella done?.

At around 1:00 one other USS operative with HUNK is using what appears to be an helmet-mounted NVG's. His uniform & gear look quite modern, something US top special forces would use.

At around 1:48 Nicholai appearntly detonates some explosives on the street. Probably to stall remaining RPD or Nemesis. But him being such a selfish, greedy traitor bastard I can picture him trying to eliminate WOLFPACK. As an irony of their purpose to eliminate EVERY evidence, both living & "dead". Woulden't they themselves be considered as evidence?.

The 4-man squad at around 1:26 dosen't look like USS squad or WOLFPACK. They look like UBCS or Spec Ops.

At around 1:35 Nemesis is holding what appears to be an Gatling gun similar to those welded by J.J and Gatling gun Majinis. So his Stinger won't be the only method of ranged combat.

At around 1:22 Nicholai is seen aiming his PSG-1 at an (probably) Umbrella UH60 "Blackhawk" helicopter. Also, he has scars on his face which he didn't had in RE2 & 3. They look like claw marks from a Cerberus or a Hunter.

The narrator for the first part of the trailer appears to be Vector as his of Japanese descent and the accent sounded Japanese. US Spec Ops gear & look hasn't changed much. Tan uniforms, googles, lack of helmets and primary armed with M4 carbines. Note how both in the trailer and in the screenshots Four Eyes rarly appears with the team. This could mean we would see her with the squad only in certain missions.


Raccoon City streets will obviously be in the game same with Birkin's lab and RPD. However, one of the most interesting in this trailer of a glimpse of what appears to be an plasma reactor and a large research complex(the scene with disguised Vector slicing UBCS merc's throat). I suspect this might be the "Hive" under the Raccoon City hospital or a totally new compound. Most of the new screenshots show various B.O.W's and WOLFPACK with Nicholai in a bulding resembling some kind of a musuem. As we all know that RPD was created in a former musuem. The difference being that this bulding dosen't look like the RPD from former games. Perhaps this might be a totally new location or an extensive remake of the old one. In the trailer we saw various WOLFPACK members doing showing their unique melee skills. One of those places looks like the university seen in "Decisions, decisions" scenario of Resident Evil: Outbreak. Furthermore, Nicholai is using a PSG-1. And the corridor with Lickers near HUNK's render looks alot like the one in "Below freezing point" dosen't it?.

My guess is that CAPCOM is recycling scenarios from Outbreak 1 and 2 into Operation Raccoon City.


Here I will present my thoughts about Operation Raccoon City's characters' look.

Both Nicholai and HUNK are using SIG Sauer pistols in the renders, the pistol seems to be the standard issue in Umbrella's forces. HUNK has ALOT of pouches in the front and back for STANAG clips used in M4 carbines. However, he is using a MP5 in the trailer & screenshots. He also has a radio on his back and what appears to a rope used in rappling down from e.g. helicopters.

Nicholai's look hasn't changed much from the one in RE 2 & 3 although this version is more "lighter" then the previous. One interesting thing is that those 3 pouches in his vest look like they are intended to house only PSG-1 sniper rifle clips. Thus, we could assume his was deployed or eventually got the PSG-1 somewhere during the incident. Both Nicholai's and HUNK's vests appear to be only a simple load-bearing equipment. none of the USS nor UBCS members are equipped with bulletproof vests. US Goverment Spec Ops however, do have full protection equipment as used by "most" soldiers in the US Army.

UBCS huge redesign is already visible so I won't write about it much. Only thing worth writing is that, on the scene where Vector kills an merc, he has a gasmask simillar to Lupo's. Which means some UBCS members now have atleast partial protection aganist airborne viruses. That merc was near some computers. It could be entirely possible he was some kind of a VIP within UBCS ranks or perhaps even a Monitor just like Nicholai.

Along with the huge logo on the back of their uniforms, they have the "U.B.C.S." on it. This is the first time when they are clearly defined as the UBCS. In the previous games they never had an explitic markings that would denouce their units, only logos on the shoulder and back.

When meeting HUNK, all of WOLFPACK are armed with MP5's. Assisting HUNK being the first mission in the game perhaps?.

Police zombies are seen with protective vests. This is the first time where can you seen "in-game" NPC police officers with protection along with their summer uniforms.

Beltway in seen punching some kind of a device with a red light on a nearby UBCS zombie and the kicking him. This appears to be a type of an timed demolition charge.

USS seems to favor G36K assault rifles as their main weapons for assigments. ALSO if you look very closely on Vector at 1:09 his G36K has different sights. This appears to be the G36C, the "commando" variant.

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