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    The T-virus

    December 24, 2015 by ResidentEvilFan02

    The T-virus also called the Tyrant virus were the names given to the artifically improved varients of the original Progenitor Virus (also called the Clay virus) which was desinged and developed by the Umbrella Corperation for military use in the creation of B.O.Ws (bio organic weapons) the T-Virus possesed mutagenic properties able to rapdily replicate itself and alter the genetic makeup of a host creating transformed organisms and grant new capablities impossible in the evoulution of the natural world. 

    Many strains of the T-virus exist each effecting its host in different ways some good others bad the different strains range from the first primitive strain developed by doctor Marcus and the mass-produced strain produced by William Birkin …

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  • ResidentEvilFan02

    i know when people do blogs they are quite lengthy but this one will be quite short i just wanted to give my thoughts and feelings about the Resident evil 2 remake that is currently in development by capcom. Firstly know that i am esstatic to hear about this and i cant wait til this game is released however we are in a time where games have become more modern and how we play games have evolved and we have seen this in the RE franchise where in 1996 til about 2004 we had old school style resident evil games with creepy enviroments and music fixed camera angles and tank controls to move your character however from RE 4 onwards the game changed to the over the shoulder perspective and seemed to stray from horror and lean more on action and QT…

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