i know when people do blogs they are quite lengthy but this one will be quite short i just wanted to give my thoughts and feelings about the Resident evil 2 remake that is currently in development by capcom. Firstly know that i am esstatic to hear about this and i cant wait til this game is released however we are in a time where games have become more modern and how we play games have evolved and we have seen this in the RE franchise where in 1996 til about 2004 we had old school style resident evil games with creepy enviroments and music fixed camera angles and tank controls to move your character however from RE 4 onwards the game changed to the over the shoulder perspective and seemed to stray from horror and lean more on action and QTE which lead to many of the fans including myself to be quite outraged. the point i am making is about the project by invadergamers (i believe they are called) who worked on a fan made project called RE reborn which took RE2 and modernised it with over the should perspective and improved graphics however the gamplay was insanely slow and boring despite its kwl classic enviroments to make matters worse Capcom saw this and was impressed so much so inviting them over to work on the actual project. now me coming from the old school style resident evil games and RE2 being my favarite resident evil game i can tell you i hope these ideas by IG are not bought forward i mean RE2 was one of the best Surivial horror game sequals ever and it was that for a REASON ive always said if it aint broke dont fix it. it seemed to me they were trying to take so much away from the core aspect that made the original game good.

my idea of a remake would be similar to RE remake add new areas new enemies and new characters but leave the infrastructure alone 

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