Hey guys, what's up?

This is about Ada from RE2 to RE4. This is a question i've been meaning to ask for some time because ABSOLUTELY NOBODY knows the answer to this question, and Capcom doesn't want to clarify it (probably because they don't have a f**king clue either). The question is how did Ada survive RE2? I mean, in 2 different playthroughs of RE2, she gets shot and falls over the side of a railing down a pit which seems bottomless, and in the other playthrough, she gets picked up by T- 002 (also known as 'Mr. X', 'Trenchy' and 'Tall, Dark, and F**king Scary') and gets thrown into a control console and dies in Leon's arms.

What i want to know is, what do you guys think? what are your theorys? I personally think that she survived the same way Jill survived in RE5 (yeah, I know it was a shit game, get off me) where when she fell down the pit, umbrella found the body and took it to a laboratory, as well as the fact that wesker did say that Steve Burnside might come back in RE:CVX, this kinda adds evidence to my theory. But, how do you think she survived?

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