Hey guys.

Have you ever noticed how in every RE game, their are always herbs about and that we use them to heal ourselves? Have you also noticed that in every RE game, we never find out how our characters use them? (This excludes RE4 and 5)

This has always bugged me because you just use them, you never actually see them being used.I know they get powdered up so with this, there are a few things that i've thought of how they use them. Here is my list of possibilities:

1. They rub the powdered herbs into the wounds.

2. They could eat it. (NOM NOM NOM)

3. They could sniff it up like crack.

4. Since the powdered herb mixtures are in brown paper, maybe they smoke it like pot???

These are the few possibilities that i could think of but how do you guys think they use them?

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