Hey guys, what's up?

With the success of my last blog (about 40 comments not made by myself), I will carry on making blogs weekly if possible.

Anyway, This is about the S.T.A.R.S team. But, not who they are, but how they died. This is about who had the worst death in your opinion. Here are the deaths (in order of time of death aproximately):

1. Edward Dewey (wounded by several Cerberi, then turning into a zombie and shot)

2. Forest Speyer (pecked to death by Crows, then turning into a zombie and shot)

3. Joseph Frost (Mauled by a pack of Cerberi)

4.Kenneth J. Sullivan (throat torn out by zombie)

5. Richard Aiken a.k.a ME! ( Either of the three, their all as bad as the last)

6. Enrico Marini (shot in the chest by Wesker)

7.Albert Wesker ( impaled by Tyrant Type T-002, NOT his death in RE5)

8. Brad Vickers ( stabbed in the face by Nemesis T-Type)

Here is the list. Write in the comments below who had the worst death and why. Also, I have not added Kevin Dooley because he isn't a member of S.T.A.R.S and only volunteered as the pilot. he was an officer for the R.P.D. I have also added Wesker's death from the first game instead of from RE5. This is because I'm talking about when he was in the team, when we 'thought' he was dead. Again, no antisocial behavior or you will be reported. The results will be posted on Saturday 5th May and voting and commenting will be closed from that day onwards. Thanks, and have fun!

P.S. I'm hungry. What should I have? ;)

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