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Idea: REmake for PSN and Xbox Live???

Hey guys, what's up?

I haven't made any blogs for a while so I thought I might make another just for fun. =)

I've been playing REmake for the past couple of weeks (which you can't blame me because this game is BOMB-ASS!) and I've been wondering "if capcom can make a HD version of both RE4 and Code Veronica, why can't they make versions of the other great games they have". And then, it hit me,"they should make a HD version of REmake for ALL the consoles instead of just the Wii!"

So guys, if you think they should, put a message in the bottom. But, if you think they shouldn't, then put a message stating why they shouldn't. I don't mind what you put, there are ABSOLUTELY no wrong or right answers, I only ask that you be civil with your comments and do not, I repeat, DO NOT accuse or insult anyone on the blog including myself by saying they are 'ignorant' or 'stupid' or anything else otherwise I WILL REPORT YOU!!!

Thank you,


P.S. Anyone for a Jill Sandwich?

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