Hey guys, what's up?

Okay guys, for this blog, it's going to be about the best B.O.W of the entire RE universe! Basically, it's gonna be a list of the common monsters (in other words, no Tyrants or bosses, got it?). Again, this is a poll list (if you've kept up with my blogs, you'll understand what I'm saying). Here's the scenario:

1. They are all against each other.

2. There is one of each kind.

3. There are no weapons, only their abilities and skill.

4. There is nobody around to take them out with guns.

Now, remember to comment below if you wish to say anything else, but please, no antisocial behavior.Also, if you have any queries or questions, please, feel free to message me for anything at all.

Who would win?

The poll was created at 13:00 on May 26, 2012, and so far 41 people voted.

Have fun, peoples!

Snakefood :)

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