Hey guys, what's up?

This is a very special blog I've decided to add. It is special for two reasons:

1. It's an open blog, so there is no voting of people from a list. There will be no results in seven days time.

2. This idea for a blog was given to me by RacoonCitySurvivor . This guy is great and, if you guys get the chance, message him and talk to him. Gracias, me amigo!

Anyway, back to the blog. This is about those who have left the Resident Evil Universe who, for one reason or another, shouldn't have died because of us loving them or for their characters. Here are the rules:

1. These guy have to have died to continue the story of the series, whether it be small or large. They have to have died without any way to save them.

2. They have to be canon to the series. nobody from things like Gaiden or Mercenaries.

3. Absolutely ZERO antisocial behavior. I don't want anybody insulting or demoralising others just because they're 'bored' or 'having a laugh'. If I see any of the sort, You will be reported.

Okay then, let's begin! Also, they can be from any game other than the non-canon ones.

Have fun!

Snakefood :)

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