Hey guys, what's up?

I was thinking these past few days. I was thinking that if Capcom has the ability to remake RE1 from scratch and create REmake, why can't they do this with any other game they have? So, I also started thinking about whether they should redo RE2 or RE3. So, I thought it would be a great idea for a blog. So, I want you guys to vote whether 2 or 3 deserve it. Or, if they shouldn't make a remake of them.

This time, however, I have chosen to use polls this time for the voting, thanks to Necromancer115 who gave me this advice several weeks ago. Thanks, man! Anyway, here are the rules for this blog:

1. Please vote for any of the options. Also, feel free to comment for your reasons.

2. No antisocial behavior in the comments. It is greatly regarded as disrespect and may just lead to being reported.

3. If you so happen to enjoy this blog, or wish to mention anything regarding my blogs, please message me on my wall.

REmake for RE2 or RE3???

The poll was created at 16:25 on May 19, 2012, and so far 64 people voted.

Have fun, guys!

Snakefood :)

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