Hey guys, what's up?

Ok then, this is a blog, refering to the question 'Who is the manliest character in the RE Series?' Well, this is where you guys get to say who you think is the manliest. This can include anyone from the series, including female characters. I want you guys to say in the comments who this is.

By manliness, I'm not saying strong, badass or cocky. By manliness, I mean people who have strength of will, determination and intellegence to put others to shame. Someone who will be 'the better person', someone who knows when to put personal emotions and feelings aside, someone who is willing to spill their own blood to save the lives of others. That is, what I believe to be, manly. So, what and who do you think?

There are only two rules:

1. No antisocial behavior.

2. The person has to be canon to the series. Nobody from the live action movies, thank you.

Have fun guys!

Snakefood :)

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