Hey guys, what's up?

Here's another question, straight from the Snake's belleh!

Ok guys, I think we need to see a comeback of someone in the series who is really underrated and we need this soon! So, heres my question; Who do you guys believe deserves another shot?

1. Barry Burton (Jill Sandwich!)

2. Rebecca Chambers (That's Officer Chambers to you!)

3. Billy Coen (No thanks, Dollface, I've already worn handcuffs.)

4. Steve Burnside (Father!!!!!!!!)

5. Anyone from the 'Outbreak' Series? (i.e. Kevin Ryman, Yoko Suzuki, David King, etc.)

In your answers, I want to know who deserves another shot at the series and why they deserve it.

If I just so happen to have missed anyone out, please tell me so and if they deserve a shot.

This is just a fun question so please, don't hope for anything like a come back. Also, NO ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR! That includes; Bullying, racial comments and slurs, insulting another person for reasons such as sex, race, age or intelligence and abuse against someone elses choice of character. In doing so, I will make it my very own mission to have you BANNED from any Wikia site!

That aside, let's begin!

On Saturday 28th April, i will announce a winner of who deserves it the most, so get voting!

(Voting and commenting has been closed for this blog, but feel free to look at what people have chosen and why!)


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