• SS4 Gohan

    == Tell the whole wiki about your re5 Experience == Let's start with mine: I'm a 14 year old, I played re5 in offline coopreative mode with my 8 year old little brother. Suprised an 8 year old would play re5,well don't be and by the way he's really good(no wonder, he's my student)Anyway we've started in amatuer difficulty we've beaten it, then normal, then vetrenan.By the end of vetrenan I had a gatling gun and a S&W M500 fully upgrded and with infinte ammo and a grenade lanucher and an S75 fully upgraded with infinte ammo and of course the typical handgun.while my brorther has a Vz61 fully upgaded with infinte ammo and also a S&W M500 fully upgrded and with infinte ammo and the jail breaker shotgun and of course the typical handgun.Right …

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