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  • Shadomega7569

    These are some self found glitches I came across when playing

    When having the BSAA mod on which allows a 12% chance of a BP drop from enemies and every time damage is inflicted on an enemy, you will regain 1% HP. Normally with a regeneration ability would slowly heal the screen, but with the Mod it always flashes the screen at the point of your health when you started firing until your health is full. The mod can only be obtained through downloading Parkers Government and Weapons Catalog through the pre-order bonus from Gamestop or Amazon.

    Voice will be off sync with the mouth movement if payed close attention to In game. Sure in most cases the mouth movement is more in sync with the Japanese voices but when the subtitles are jumped ahead or…

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  • Shadomega7569

    When playing chapter 5-2, during the fight with Wesker and Jill, have your partner go into dying status and just as you heal them have Wesker kick you through the door, when you get up you'll still have a First Aid Spray or Herb equipped. your partner will still be in dying status nearly dead and you cannot get hurt no matter what. if you switch to a weapon you'll freeze in place and can only move the camera up and down. no details have been confirmed what'll happen after the seven minutes is up. test and see for yourself

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  • Shadomega7569

    Well Resident Evil: Revelations was one of the Resident Evil games i wanted to get but didnt have the money to get it. but i recently got it on 4/14/12 and these are some of my thoughts on it

    The game allowed players to feel the survival horror that they have been wanting for quite some time since RE4 came out

    the story plot kept me intrested even when it was a pain getting past a few parts

    Raid mode was fun to play even alone and featured co-op Raid to double the fun

    it was fun doing the touch screen puzzles even if there was only 2 types

    nice how the Eshop demo part didnt actually happen so it threw me off a bit

    Weapon boxes came in handy when you needed to swap loadouts

    even with 3 weapons on you picking up another weapon automatically places …

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  • Shadomega7569

    it took a little time and i've noticed this that will help ease everyones bug problem about ORC.

    ok sure the game has a ton of bugs but "Think about it" other games were first released in Japan and they had all the bugs. but now North America got their hands on a Resident Evil game first so we got all the bugs. dont worry too much about it cause soon theres gonna be patches for the textures and gameplay not to mention the DLC realeasing within the year. just think about it and tell me if you agree with me at all. sure right now it's good for multiplayer but i think these should be a few patches they should come out with

    1. Texture patch

    2. AI patch

    3. Equipment Patch (supposibly Bertha's skill fails)

    4. Gun Patch (one of the machine guns reload…

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