These are some self found glitches I came across when playing

Dying Shot

When having the BSAA mod on which allows a 12% chance of a BP drop from enemies and every time damage is inflicted on an enemy, you will regain 1% HP. Normally with a regeneration ability would slowly heal the screen, but with the Mod it always flashes the screen at the point of your health when you started firing until your health is full. The mod can only be obtained through downloading Parkers Government and Weapons Catalog through the pre-order bonus from Gamestop or Amazon.

Off Sync

Voice will be off sync with the mouth movement if payed close attention to In game. Sure in most cases the mouth movement is more in sync with the Japanese voices but when the subtitles are jumped ahead or don't show up until roughly around 4 seconds after the voices stop. Can easly be avoided by turning off subtitles, Not fully sure but as of update 1.01 the scripting for voicing and subtitles should be fixed

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