it took a little time and i've noticed this that will help ease everyones bug problem about ORC.

ok sure the game has a ton of bugs but "Think about it" other games were first released in Japan and they had all the bugs. but now North America got their hands on a Resident Evil game first so we got all the bugs. dont worry too much about it cause soon theres gonna be patches for the textures and gameplay not to mention the DLC realeasing within the year. just think about it and tell me if you agree with me at all. sure right now it's good for multiplayer but i think these should be a few patches they should come out with

1. Texture patch

2. AI patch

3. Equipment Patch (supposibly Bertha's skill fails)

4. Gun Patch (one of the machine guns reloads like an assult rifle)

5. Online Patch (wont find a game but when i quit it continously says "quitting matchmaking please wait")

6. Biohazard Patch (it randomly disabled the action to pick up the G-Virus sample and it was a 2-4 loss)


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