Well Resident Evil: Revelations was one of the Resident Evil games i wanted to get but didnt have the money to get it. but i recently got it on 4/14/12 and these are some of my thoughts on it

The Good

The game allowed players to feel the survival horror that they have been wanting for quite some time since RE4 came out

the story plot kept me intrested even when it was a pain getting past a few parts

Raid mode was fun to play even alone and featured co-op Raid to double the fun

it was fun doing the touch screen puzzles even if there was only 2 types

nice how the Eshop demo part didnt actually happen so it threw me off a bit

Weapon boxes came in handy when you needed to swap loadouts

even with 3 weapons on you picking up another weapon automatically places the dropped weapon in the weapon box

the final boss felt like a final boss not an easy wait till the time is right then blow them away with 1 blow from a rocket launcher

they brought dodging back =D

moving and shooting

circle pad pro support

a twist at the end

no chapter select (for story mode)

The Bad

though the story was great i did expect a little more out of Raid mode instead of it being a story mode recap but with no dialog or scenarios and with different characters

finding herbs can be a chore trying to harvest

steam valve puzzle was confusing to new players

the story jumped from one scenario to another one too many times in the beginning

dissapointing the during the final battle chris dosnt do much for support (honestly Sheva did more than chris)

dodging is hard to get down

In the end i'd give the game a 9/10

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