There are Cheats about Resident Evil: Darkside Chornicles

  • Infinite Ammo  : 040CDDB4 60000000
  • No recharging necessary  : 0406C618 60,000,000
  • Infinite Health  : 040ACA74 60,000,000
  • Infinite Health (Partner)  : C20FC690 00000001 : D01F00F8 00000000
  • All weapons unlocked  : 040CDE34 38,002,710 : 040CDE38 90,030,120
  • Complete Archive  : 040CE794 3960FFFF  : 040CE798 7D6301AE  : 040CE79C 38,600,001
  • Infinite green herbs  : 04733890 0000270F
  • Infinite Cash  : 04FFA378 0098967F

There are Unlockable things in Resident Evil: Darkside Chornicles

  • Tooltips  : I think it is better if the gun first adds value, because they use most often. Here again the values for the maximum.
  • Line Lunch : The weapon that has been in Alice, you can unlock. We need only to all chapters (all! Play through) to hard.
  • Linear Launcher  : The Linear Launcher is the strongest weapon in the game switches into one free in the one game played through on Hard difficulty. He has no limit for reloading ammunition but takes a long time.

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