Many would consider RE games that aren't part of the numbered entries as non-canon. But what about feats from characters in spinoff games? Can actions that show off a character's strength or abilities in a non-canon entry be considered canon to the character?

An example of this would be in Operation: Racoon City. In a cutscene we see that when Nemesis is hunting Jill, he shows off strength capable of pushing a large city bus at her at immense speed, almost crushing her in the process. Now because ORC is not a canon entry in the series, is that feat of strength considered non-canon to the character? Or can it just as well be considered canon to the character (as in it can be supposed that Nemesis is that strong in canon) because it supports the notion that Umbrella BOWs have immense strength? 

This is just one example of course, but I've been thinking about whether or not what's canon is strictly what's depicted in the main entries of the series or if feats from side titles can be considered canon as long as they don't contradict what's shown in the main titles. 

Sise-Neg (talk) 01:57, May 4, 2014 (UTC)

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