I have only been apart of this Wiki for about a month now, and I have discovered that some people aren't too big on the whole "Anyone can edit" thing. I added some information about the cancelled GameBoy Advance port of Resident Evil 2 to the Resident Evil 2 page about three hours ago, only to come back and discover it deleted. I put a bit of work into that, and it is true. Video of the GBA version can be found just about anywhere. It is a fact, and an interesting one about RE2 that not everyone knows. I'd be fine with the editing of my post, for incorrect spelling or changing if I got something wrong, but simply removing it because I guess you don't like it there is bullshit. I've actually had this happen to me several times on this wikia, in regards to editing Marvin Brangh and Brian Iron's page, but both times my addition was deleted. There are plenty of pages on this wiki that are lacking or incomplete, and we should all work to keep it updated, rather than just deleting shit, and without even being logged in so I can't ask why it was removed. Accept that there is information that isn't on this blog or nock it the fuck off.

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