Now, this may be dumb sounding, but I've been researching the universe of Resident Evil for little bit now, trying to decide on what the hell Resident Evil 6 could possibly be about. Now, I'm leaving a lot of stuff out of this, for instance I have no theories about the Australian guy who looks like Chris from Revelations, as I believe he will be an entierly new character. I'm also leaving Sherry out of this, as I doubt Capcom will do anything with her until the VERY end of the story.

But anyway, here's the theory:

In 1998, U.S.S. commander HUNK escaped from Raccoon City, holding in his possesion a sample of William Birkin's G-Virus, which he supposedly delivered to Umbrella. HOWEVER, no subsiquent RE titles have ever made referance to Umbrella having a sample of the G-virus. Wesker got his hands on a sample of G by essentailly blackmailing Ada Wong, assuring her survival in exchange for the G sample. Although HUNK made it out of Raccoon, Umbrella never seems to end up with the G sample.

HUNK appears breifly in the first trailer for REVELATIONS, which may mean a few different things, but my theory is that he is also the gas-masked guy at the end of the second trailer (at least 7 years have past, so he has no reason to be wearing the same uniform from the now out-of-business Umbrella), I imagen he's just wearing the mask because, well, he's filling the room with gas xD. HUNK's face has been shown to us three times, once in the epilouge file in RE3, as a reflection in Umbrella Chron, and as a cheat-code accessed character in Outbreak. HUNK is blond, with grayish eyes and (in the epilouge file) a three o'clock shadow.

Resident Evil 5 itroduced an entirly new character, Alex Wesker, who went under the same T-Virus indoctrination as Albert, but then dissapeared. He was also Spencer's favorite candidate for the Wesker Project's completion. I believe that Resident Evil: Revelations will reveal HUNK to be Alex Wesker. HUNK has survived impossible odds, numerous times, and more often than not he's the ONLY survivor. But his motives have always been shrowded in mystery, his only true goal being to "complete the mission", being the best of the best in Umbrella's secret army, at the expense of others. I believe that HIUNK, or Alex, might have something in common with S.D. Perry's Trent character, working in the depths of Umbrella, working with creatures and against them, gathering information... and perhaps stealing a sample of G-Virus. The character in the gas-mask in the second Revelations trailer says to Jill: "Ms. Valentine, it's time you learned the truth." I believe HUNK has been working in secret, not only against Umbrella, but something far bigger, something hitherto unseen in the universe. Perhaps it's Tri-Cell, but I doubt it. I think RE6 will hold a huge new surprise for long-time fans. I also believe Revelations will tie directly into the story of RE6, as RE6 will (most likely) come out in 2013, 1 year after Revelations. I believe we'll see a huge betrayal, a charecter that we've known and trusted coming out of the shadows to reveal a plan even MORE insidous than Wesker's, and that Steve Burnside will return, but (like Jill in RE5) have no memories of Claire, and be working with whoever is the big baddy of RE6.

I also believe RE6 will see the death of a major character, probably Barry or Rebecca (sorry).

The only other idea I had, which is the total opposite of my HUNK theory, is that the guy in the gas-mask is Carlos or Billy, and that RE6 will be just as lame as RE5. What do you think?

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