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  • SoreanAngel

    Dd you know-

    May 2, 2012 by SoreanAngel

    That people have been making some of the most pointless blogs that some how create a chain of Resident Evil conversations? It's like they're brain washing you or converting you to some foreign religion with hypnotizing words!

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  • SoreanAngel

    What do you think are the best weapons/abilities/character combinations in the game? I personally cannot answer until I get my copy tonight, sadly. D:

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  • SoreanAngel

    ORC - critiques

    March 20, 2012 by SoreanAngel

    1.You can't Quick Turn.

    2.You can't turn very well while sprinting.

    3. Grenades do nothing.

    4. Can you even crouch, excluding "taking cover"?

    5.The AI is horrible (Your teamates don't do much and Spec-Ops are either easy targets, or hide the entire time. I seriously thought they would have fixed this before release.)

    6.Out of the 3 endings you can achieve, they're all less than 30 seconds. To short and generic and laughable.

    7. The game is 4-5 hours long.. Seriously?

    8. Bugs, bugs, more bugs etc.

    I hope they fix ALL of this in an upcoming patch, and maaaaaybe it would be better. Personally, I think it was made just to play until Resident Evil 6's release, and that it was meant for Multiplayer. The game has a lot of replay value, but not because of…

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  • SoreanAngel


    March 19, 2012 by SoreanAngel

    Dear god. This picture. (No disrespect to User:TheJigsawKiller180 thank you for uploading it.) look at how trashy Claire looks, I mean I'm not trying to be funny, but my god what happened to her face? And.. Leon looks really tan. I hope someone just took a picture of this scene from a tv. (I heard some copy's of the game were leaked into France). I just think they could make the character models better, I mean Leon's CGI model was smooth and clean, in this he looks tan and old. Claire's cgi model was cute, in this she looks like a grandma, although, she looks better in other screenies I've seen so I'm hoping this really is bad quality. What do you think about the character models?

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  • SoreanAngel

    Alright alight alright. We haven't heard anything about it since late 2010. On the Japanese Wikipedia, it states that the release is suppose to be sometime August this year with the running time being 97 minutes. You guys excited about it, or do you think it's just gonna be another crappy "Degeneration"? If Angela's not in it, the movie already sounds good to me.

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