I think Jill and Leon should be partners. Personally my favorite heroes, well.. Jill lost her cool with her recent looks in the games. Lets go with "Resident Evil 3" styled Jill and Leon. I just don't see her having a love interest in CHRIS. I mean sure he's cool, but they obviously don't have anything going on within the past 15 years, do they? Leon loves Ada, sure. But I personally think she'll die later in the series which pains me to say. Leon and Jill just FEELS right to me. I mean.. They'll be in the same game for the first time (Operation Raccoon City). I'll kill, and do whatever I have to do JUST to get them paired, whether that meaning partners, or finding an interest in one another. How do you feel about this couple? What would you rather recommend to be paired with Leon and Jill if you don't like their pairing?

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