what returning characters (if a character is deceased, you may include one if you'd like to see one in a flashback sequence) and B.O.W.s do you want to see? Do you want zombies, uroboros, and/or an entirely new virus? How do you want it to end? (not wanting it to end doesn't count! Well.. Because none of us want it to end yet.) what do you want to See happen (between characters meeting and events)?

If resident Evil 6 isnt the last title, I'd like to see Leon again (I assume he's playable in the next numbered title.) after all, he did say "I'll scrub this virus from the face of the Earth". Chris completed his basic goal. He was suppose to defeat Wesker, while Leon has yet to complete his primary goal. Adabis still working for umbrella, but who is she taking direct orders from now that Weskers gone? We'll either see her live or die, probably dying to save Leon who said "shes a part of me I can't let go" at the end of Resident Evil 4. As for Claire, she hs 2 goals and only completed one of them; finding her brother. The other is returning to Sherry, whom was promised that the 2 would reunite and she's with the gov't.. Not to mention she's still infected. There's also speculation about Jack Krauzer surviving. If that's the case, he has a goal to settle with Leon AND Ada.

Let's not forget about Billy. We don't know what happened to him and fans want him to return. (he may end up in a spin off). Other main characters such as Chris and Jill would make nice cameos in some events, docs, or at least being in the mercenaries mode. Although.. I believe their role will also end in a spin off.

I personally just want zombies and original b.o.w.s to return, maybe even new Tyrants or small alterations of the previous experiments. New b.o.w.s of course would be nice and catch us of guard when we encounter them.

I'd kinda like for everything in the games thus far, including spinoffs, to have the events acknowledged and keep them linked.

Let's hear your personal desires and speculation.

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