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Operation Raccoon City (Classic characters playable?)

I came across an article featured on Rely to Horror, seeing that Resident Evil 2 and 3 had different scenarios.. Yes? In Resident Evil 2, you could unlock Super Battle Mode (The original Mercenaries) and a scenario for Hunk and Tofu. In Resident Evil 3, you could unlock the Mercenaries mode and play as the UBCS. Let's go foward a little bit. Why would it show a remake of Leon's intro from Resident Evil 2 in the ORC trailer? It seems more like Umbrella would have an introduction. I could be wrong, and it could show the scene flashing back and forth between leon and Umbrella. Could it be from an unlockable Scenario.. A Remake of Resident Evil 2? (possibly in a nutshell.) Maybe even a Resident Evil 3 Scenerio included as well. If not, maybe Classic Characters will be playable in another game mode? I'm getting my hopes up for the Resi 2 & 3 unlockable scenerios. What about you? What are your thoughts on this?

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