Well today I watched a 30 minute demo play of ORC and either though the game plays is in a new derection from previous RE games it seems like it's going to be a good game to me. I'm not really into shooter style games and it seems like thats what ORC style is more than a survival horror. I was a little disappointed in what I seen but I'm still excited for it and I know that I'll enjoy it but others really had a harsh opinion of the game. People commented on how it looked like s**t and how it's nothing more than another Gears of War or Call of Duty and stuff like that, few actully had something possitive to say, some just said that there sad that RE turned out like this but theyll buy it anyway and some said they won't. Even some people started bickering at each other over what they thought. In the end it's still a RE game and it will never be like CoD or GoW it's a whole different game, sure the game has taken a new direction but it's going to change it can't be the same thing over and over. I do miss the old fashion RE but I'm open to change it's a far cry from what they used to be but I think it will be fun none the less. I guess all we can do is wait to see when the upcoming RE titles come out the big thing will be 6, thats the game that will really show where this series is going.

Whats your guys opinion of what we seen so far of ORC?

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