I didn't think it was totally appropriate to make an article for this, but I felt the need to share. I was playing through the leaked Beta 2 today and when I got to the Panel Room in the "B" scenario, I found a file waiting for me instead of the usual F. Aid Spray. There were a lot of peculiar things in the playthrough, but this was the most unique in my opinion. Here's a transcription with screenshots provided below:

Original Script Unofficial Translation
研究員メッセージ Researcher's Message


研究員メッセージ」をファイルにとじました The Researcher's Message has been filed.

I'm unable to translate much of anything, but as far as I can tell, the file is a last testament from one of the researchers who lost the key to the lift and is now stranded. They mention that to whoever finds the key, it will lead to the lab.

The Up Key was in the same spot that it always is and I have yet to try out the "A" scenario, but I would assume that the Lift Key is in the same place as well. Therefore, it makes sense why this file would ultimately end up obsolete. It may also be a remnant from an older puzzle that was removed.

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