finally after resident evil 5 being not scary capcom returned to the horror factor just so that we can wet our pants and believe me lost in nightmares is really a scary game like at the point where your just playing the piano on veteran you go over grab the shield and when you get to the door an anchor smashes through teh door and in pops some guardian dude with some elephant trunk kind of thing with a big case of spots and some third eye which means the G-virus is involved and seeing how much it was in RE2 its a great come back even though i never played the game :( another point that i like was after i come up to the prison go up the stairs a giant anchor keeper comes out of nowhere with its anchor and smashes into me which is actually scary and unlike regenerators when you eventually get the right gun they get less scary (even though they still are with the sniper scope heat infared scope) i hope desperate chase will be scary and introduce some new enemies and i don't know what are the things that lie on the floor and jump up and grab you so if you tell me what they are thanks. user--Stephendwan 15:39, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

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