Even though her constant cries for help did get annoying, I kind of want Ashley Graham to return in another game. There is an idea i've had in my head for a while about what Ashley would be like if she returned for another game would be this: After going through all the craziness she and Leon went through when Ashley was kidnapped she was inspired to really change herself from being a timid young woman who couldn't defend herself to a hard core secret agent just like Leon. After returning home and finishing college Ashley would do a lot of pretty tough training so that she could defend people the way Leon defended her. After becoming a high ranked special agent Ashley and Leon end up being assigned to a big mission together. Ashley will be a much more capable partner than she was in Resident Evil 4. At first Leon will try to defend and save Ashley like he did before but Ashley will end up being the one to save Leon.

Well, what do you guys think about my idea?

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