When I was only five years old, my mum used to visit her friend alot who was a big fan of Resident Evil and I would sit down and watch her play it alot. Although it scared me (since I was only little) I loved it! The awkward camera angles, the zombies and most importantly! The horror! I am now older and still find myself playing the original trillogy and still getting a few scares out of it (Mostly Nemesis charging into a room full speed in your direction! ;])

I prefer the first three games (including Zero) to the newer releases because these games were the scary ones. Taking control over the camera away from you really can make you feel helpless especially when you hear a creature around a corner getting closer and closer yet you cannot see it approach you until it's too late! My wish is that one day Capcom goes back to the roots of all that is Resident Evil (No control over the camera angles, inventory and ammo management and much more!) and releases a game that can truely stand up to the classics! Although the newer games are brilliant and well-made, I just feel that they are standard third person shooters and they lack any real survival horror elements that the original games had.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,