aka Tyler

  • I live in "Nowhere", Michigan
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is an unpublished horror writer
  • I am male

    Okay, well, I don't know about anyone else but I like to look-up parodies/spoofs of my favorite video games. I just went on YouTube not to long ago and just remember a hilarious RE4 spoof that I watched that was created by the Bentley Bros. Don't know if anybody else watched it but I'll put the link below:

    Spoiler alert: Both Ashley and Ada a played by males... 0_o It's freaking weird.

    There's also a RE1 spoof made by the same people

    Jill is played by a guy on here too... and it's even weirder... especially when they make fun of the tape that the corpse of Kenneth J. Sullivan had.

    Anywayz, the purpose of this blog is to put on other RE spoof vid…

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    Okay, has anyone ever played the professional modes on RE 4 and 5? I've recently been doing so to unlock various things on both games. I have already beat pro mode on 5 with help from all my guns having infinite ammo... but it wasn't necissarily a cake-walk because Wesker was a bitch to kill when he was being backed-up by psycho Jill. After I finally beat RE5 Pro Mode, I unlocked that last filter, whoop-de-freaking-doo... Now, I'm playing RE4 Pro Mode to unlock the PRL 412, which is a better reward. RE4 Pro Mode is consistently harder than Pro Mode on RE5 because I don't have the infinite ammo factor and you don't get use the unlockable weapons until the second playthrough... I miss my Handcannon....

    Anywayz, I was wondering if anybody else…

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    Hi again. Its the random person who pops up in random areas of this site. Anyway, I was just looking through the released details of Operation Raccoon City and I realized that there is not a lot of key characters that you get to fight as the WOLFPACK. So far, Leon, Claire, and Nicholai have been confirmed as enemies. It's also been rumored that Jill and Carlos may make an appearance but it's unkown if you will get to fight them if they do appear. So I'm wondering if anybody thinks Capcom will add other characters from the past RE games to be fought in ORC. The characters I'm mainly talking about the survivors from the Outbreak series. Does anybody else think it would be awesome to get into an all-out battle royal with a group of survivors …

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    Another Edit Mishap!

    November 2, 2011 by TJK ERNST

    I am so sorry everybody! I was tryingt to fix the word "garage" in the Armored Personel Page and I screwed something up real badly! I'm trying to undo the edit but it's not letting me publish. Can someone undo this screw up and possibly fix the spelling ever for "garage" (it's spelled grage; no "A"). I really don't know what happened there.

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    Clue 9 for Inserted Evil?

    October 27, 2011 by TJK ERNST

    Well, it's just me again, the vagrant of the RE wiki who wonders aimlessly though various pages of this site. I'm trying to figure out why it's taking so long to get Clue 9 out on Inserted Evil. They usually release the clues every Wednesday, but Wednesday is done and gone and, of course, it is now Thursday. The Clue is still has not been released... I saw on a forum that the clue may be delayed because the is supposed to be a surprise of something. Does anybody have any idea how long this delay is going to last?

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