Hi again. Its the random person who pops up in random areas of this site. Anyway, I was just looking through the released details of Operation Raccoon City and I realized that there is not a lot of key characters that you get to fight as the WOLFPACK. So far, Leon, Claire, and Nicholai have been confirmed as enemies. It's also been rumored that Jill and Carlos may make an appearance but it's unkown if you will get to fight them if they do appear. So I'm wondering if anybody thinks Capcom will add other characters from the past RE games to be fought in ORC. The characters I'm mainly talking about the survivors from the Outbreak series. Does anybody else think it would be awesome to get into an all-out battle royal with a group of survivors that contain characters like Cindy and Kevin? So I'm asking for opinions on: "Does anybody think Capcom will add new key characters to fight?" and "Would anybody else think it would be awesome to fight characters from the Outbreak series on ORC?"

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