Okay, has anyone ever played the professional modes on RE 4 and 5? I've recently been doing so to unlock various things on both games. I have already beat pro mode on 5 with help from all my guns having infinite ammo... but it wasn't necissarily a cake-walk because Wesker was a bitch to kill when he was being backed-up by psycho Jill. After I finally beat RE5 Pro Mode, I unlocked that last filter, whoop-de-freaking-doo... Now, I'm playing RE4 Pro Mode to unlock the PRL 412, which is a better reward. RE4 Pro Mode is consistently harder than Pro Mode on RE5 because I don't have the infinite ammo factor and you don't get use the unlockable weapons until the second playthrough... I miss my Handcannon....

Anywayz, I was wondering if anybody else has played and/or beat Pro Mode on either of the two games and if so how did they do it. I'm looking for suggestions for techniques (mostly for RE4 considering I already beat RE5 Pro Mode) and best weapon choices. I'll throw out one of each myself: My technique for killing lesser Ganados is to shoot them in the head, stunning them so I can kick them to the ground, and when they're down, I knife the living crap out of them to save ammo (doesn't always work when fighting groups or when one Ganados has a revealed Plagas). For weapons choices: I use the Red9 for my handgun, Riot Gun for Shotgun (although I don't upgrade it to save cash for the Striker), Broken Butterfly for Magnum, TMP, and the Mine Launcher. Is my technique and weapon choices any good? What's your guys' opinion? Any suggestions?

Also, is there a better why to kill Garradors than by unloading a whole clip of Mine Darts into their back? What weapon should I use on them?

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