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I was one day thinking back the first time I encountered an RE game. I am actually really scared of all the horror movies and games. I am certain I cannot sleep the next night.. I was really afraid of Gollum in the LOTR movies .3. But still! I can watch RE movies and the games just fine, they don't disturb my sleep. And I feel that it is because when I was around 10, my friend/half-brother was playing it while I watched it. We were alone 'cause we were not allowed to play the game :D He was playing RE 3 while I watched quietly next to him and it became our little secret. Something that we would play when we were alone. Or he would play and I watched quietly. So Resident Evil brings fond memories to my mind. And that was when I first got interested of the games.

Over 5 years later I watched the walkthroughs from the net and read stuff about it from here and now it is one of my biggest interests. And made Nemesis my favorite monster :)

So what about you? What was the moment to you, when you first got hooked up on the series? And which game did it?

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