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  • The Demon In Me

    In the latest trailer for Resident Evil 6, there is a brief shot of Leon and Helena standing by lake shore and staing towards what I believe to be the smoking Remains of Tall Oaks. The question is, did the US Government once again use Nuclear Weaponry to sanitize an entire city.

    Personally I think they have. What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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  • The Demon In Me

    Survivng a Zombie Apocalypse is something everyone thinks about. Some of us have plans to survive, Others don't.

    Are you prepared for a Zombie Pandemic? Where would you go to escape the Hordes of the Undead? Where do you think is safest.

    Leave your answer and reasons why below.

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  • The Demon In Me

    Ok, so it's been revealed that Resident Evil 6 will allow you to play as any character right from the start (except for Ada who must be unlocked.) I want to know what order you'll choose to play the game in, Because me personally, I can't decide.

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  • The Demon In Me


    May 16, 2012 by The Demon In Me

    Everything has running gags and recurring themes, I know I'm not the only one who's noticed that Resident Evil kills of nearly every helicopter pilot in the series, Here's a list of the most notorious instances.

    Resident Evil 0 - Edward Dewey

    Resident Evil 2/3 - Brad Vickers (Zombie encountered in 2, Death Shown in 3)

    Resident Evil 4 - Mike

    Resident Evil 5 - Kirk Matthison and Doug

    Resident Evil 6 - The trailer has already shown one B.S.A.A Helicopter crash, and will likely feature more.

    I think that this is one recurring theme that oughta be let go, I think it's time that Resi let's a few pilots off.

    Tell me what you think.

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  • The Demon In Me

    Hollywood has had a long tradition of making huge blockbuster movies, based on a variety of different influences, though generally movies based on video games, are among the worst movies ever made, and Paul W.S. Anderson is to blame.

    There was never any doubt that Resident Evil would Eventually have a movie made, but what was produced is more horrifying than the t-virus, itself. All the characters we came to know and love, (Y'know by playing the games.), Were pushed to the side, and used as support for Alice, the protaganist, of the film series, universally despised by gamers everywhere.

    And as if that wasn't enough, charcters from the game that did make the cut, were completely different. Everyone remembers the ladies man Carlos, who worked…

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