Hollywood has had a long tradition of making huge blockbuster movies, based on a variety of different influences, though generally movies based on video games, are among the worst movies ever made, and Paul W.S. Anderson is to blame.

There was never any doubt that Resident Evil would Eventually have a movie made, but what was produced is more horrifying than the t-virus, itself. All the characters we came to know and love, (Y'know by playing the games.), Were pushed to the side, and used as support for Alice, the protaganist, of the film series, universally despised by gamers everywhere.

And as if that wasn't enough, charcters from the game that did make the cut, were completely different. Everyone remembers the ladies man Carlos, who worked for Umbrella, funny, chatty and a little dellusional. Who remebers what he was like in the movies? No one because he was just another Umbrella grunt.

If changing characters wasn't enough for them, changing everything else, certainly was. For instance, the S.T.A.R.S. Team went from a small group of highly trained, mostly ex military types, to a bunch of jackasses that when faced with Nemisis suddenly forgot to aim for the head. And instead of the diverse range, of monsters and viral weapons, Like Las Plagas, t-Veronica,Uroboros, G-virus and the t-virus. Only one appeared in the movies, the t-virus.

These movies have ruined the good name that is Resident Evil, and I personally had enough after the first movie. Let me know your thoughts.

(And yes, before anyone says anything, I have nothing against Degeneration, and am quite looking forword to the New Damnation.

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